A Sneak Peak at the Plans

Art Thompson and the Build Team have been busy designing and scheming since the first test flight last week. And they’ve sent us a sneak preview at their rough (very rough) blueprint for the 45-foot paper airplane. But they asked that we mention that they are professionals, and you should NOT try to build a…

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The First (Unofficial) Test Flight

We are ready to release footage (and by footage, we mean an animated .gif) of Art Thompson’s first paper airplane test flight. The plane he’s throwing is only about 5 feet long (still about 40 feet shy of our final giant design), but hey, it flies! Progress!

The Fly-Off Wrap-Up

The Great Paper Airplane Fly-Off soared into the indoor skies of the main hangar at Pima Air & Space Museum on Saturday, January 14th. Nearly 200 children folded, fine-tuned and flew their paper planes in an attempt to become a member of our giant paper airplane build team. Thanks to all who came out! Check…

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