The Plane has Landed at the Museum!

After weeks of salvaging, the Great Paper Airplane is on display at the Pima Air & Space Museum! Well, okay, parts of it are on display. Specifically you can see one of the winglets and what is left of the nose of the aircraft, complete with the desert mud it acquired when it crashed.  The rest of our gallant plane is in so many pieces that we are still working on how to give it the full, proper exhibit it deserves.  Don’t forget, this thing was big. Like, biggest-paper-airplane-ever big. And it needs to fit into our already enormous collection of aircraft, right alongside some of the big boys like the SR-71 Blackbird and the A-10 Thunderbolt II Warthog. And they don’t like to be crowded. Ask anyone.

Go check out the exhibit soon! And stay tuned for more developments.  We promised the Great Paper Airplane Fly-Off competitors that their paper planes would go on display at the museum as part of this exhibit as well and we’re working on that too.  When we’re done, you’ll be able to see the story of the Great Paper Airplane from start to finish and we might even give you a hint about future flights of a new giant paper airplane!  But shhh, that’s a secret!